The BIM Opportunity

On Friday 21/06/2019 ORI will organise an infosession about BIM (Building Information Modelling) and the impact on the design process and the business model of engineering and consultancy firms.


14h - 14h30



14h30h - 16h30

Presentations by


Johan Kuppens (Infranea)


  • The digital transformation of the construction sector. Due to the increasing application of algorithms, we are evolving from computer-aided to computer-driven designs. Information will increasingly be integrated as data - instead of documents - with BIM models. These evolve into a fully-fledged digital replica, called 'Digital Twins', of the physical structure. During the engineering phase, these Digital Twins facilitate the virtual simulation, testing and validation of the expected behavior of the structure. Thanks to the integration of sensoring data (IoT), new possibilities arise during the operational and maintenance phase. Data is the new oil, and software conquers the world! Will engineers (need to) become programmers?
  • Language: Dutch


Peggy Bovens (BouwData©): 


  • The old business models where knowledge is 'property' will no longer work in the 21st century. How do we deal with new intelligent building techniques?
  • Language: Dutch + French


Martin Brochier (Tase Solutions):


  • Topic 1: Pointcloud & BIM. The use of pointclouds is increasing. The point cloud can not only serve as a basis for drawing the existing situation in 2D or 3D. It is also increasingly being used for quality control: verticality of walls, horizontality of floor slabs or ceilings, general geometry of a component ... This naturally requires scanners with sufficient accuracy and adapted software.
  • Topic 2: Virtualization of IT. We briefly present the benefits of a GPU virtualization solution - hosted in Microsoft's Azure cloud - over using a local workstation. What about safety? What is the effect on costs? What are the expected productivity gains in terms of mobility, implementation, availability, etc. We then proceed to a demonstration so that the user can get a better picture of the possibilities of this solution.
  • Language: French


Natasha Blommaert (AWV):


  • BIM, the driving force for asset management. What is the situation in Flanders?
  • Language: Dutch


16h30h - 17h

Q&A in French, Dutch and English. 


17h - 18h

Networking moment

You can register until 18/06/2019. 
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Datum en tijd

21 juni 2019 om 14u00


Tase Solutions
Kolonel Picquartlaan, 51-53
1030, Brussels


Free for members. 

30 euro for non-members (ex. VAT)


Cancellations free of charge are possible up to 24h before the event (mail, phone). Otherwise a no show fee will be charged.