17 januari 2019

New name for The Swedish Federation of Consulting Engineers and Architects

'The Swedish Federation of Consulting Engineers and Architects' (STD) is now 'The Federation of Swedish Innovation Companies'.


The mission of the Swedish organisation is to create the conditions for a world-leading architecture and engineering industry. From January 2019 they will take a step forward with two positive changes that will strengthen their position:


  • they will form their own association within Almega
  • they will change name. 


By forming an association, 'The Federation of Swedish Innovation Companies' will have its own platform within Almega and the Confederation of Swedish Enterprise. This will also give the sector a stronger voice and create increased opportunities to coordinate and drive industry and employer issues.

"Our modern society faces many challenges. We need to transition to a sustainable society and build smart cities as urbanisation continues at a rapid pace. And we need to promote innovation, creativity and digitalisation in that transition. The name change is to more clearly demonstrate the role our sector has in this transition. Through genuine and deep architectural and engineering knowledge, smart and innovative solutions will be found to complex challenges. We want to take up this challenge.", says Magnus Höij, Director of The Federation of Swedish Innovation Companies. 

The Federation of Swedish Innovation Companies will continue to drive important issues around the availability of educated and trained people, the development of the education and training system, standard contracts and procurement issues. They will also put greater emphasis on highlighting the value our sector creates for Swedish industry and society. In addition, they will drive issues related to the conditions for innovation and creativity even harder. 

Innovation is critical for Sweden’s competitiveness and that is why a dedicated association for knowledge-intensive companies that develop businesses and society through innovation is required. It is thanks to these companies that the level of innovation in Sweden is so high.

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9 augustus 2019

De ObjectTypenBibliotheek (OTL) voor Standaardbestek 250 vanaf heden raadpleegbaar

De OTL voor Standaardbestek 250 vanaf heden raadpleegbaar via

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2 augustus 2019

Nieuwe wetgeving onbevaarbare waterlopen

De Vlaamse Regering heeft op 26 april 2019 een aantal belangrijke wijzigingen doorgevoerd aan de wet van 28 december 1967 betreffende de onbevaarbare waterlopen.

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5 juli 2019

Welke toekomstige trends zullen belangrijk zijn voor onze sector?

ORI is al jarenlang een actief lid van EFCA, de European Federation of Engineering Consultancy Associations. Eén van de meest recente publicaties die in mei 2019 zijn tweede editie kent, is het rapport rond de ‘Future Trends in the Consulting Engineering Industry’.

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